The Night Circus Review

Agents and editors hate prologue. However, in their profiles, they mention 'unless it's like the one in The Night Circus'. I can see why. Read its prologue; it's just 2-3 pages, depending on which format you're reading, and you will see it, too. 

Just. Mesmerizing.

This book, you will be reading, not for the plot, not for the story, not even because everyone is reading it, but you will be reading it for its writing. If you have read at least 50 books published in the last five years, if you've read another 50 books published in the last 20yrs, if you've read at the first 100 pages of those books (at least), you, by now, already know what happens when the writing goes bad pretty soon.

This book will show how simple lines can flow enough to make you keep reading. 
So, I kept reading. Later in the book, even when I felt a need to have a B-story apart from the challenge, I kept reading. I wanted to know what happens to the challenge. This book has merit. It's different, has unique settings, and lots of pov which touches your emotion just enough to keep it running. 

If you watch anime like me, you'll understand--this book gave me a similar emotion as Pride and Prejudice x Kuroshitsuji (Circus season) Not around the plot, but just on the emotional parts. A sort of nostalgia. I remembered the time when I used to binge-watch anime. 


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