Misba, Author of Kusha, Kusha Book

When I'm talking to clients, clients who ask me to draw for them, I tell them I'm an artist. When I critique and talk to authors, I say I'm a writer. When I review books, I say I'm a reader. When I was in China, I used to say I'm a Kung Fu student whenever the town people asked me who I am and what I'm doing in the poorest city of the province of China. When I was sewing my own wedding dress and my mother-in-law, my cousins, and everyone else were trying to convince me not to: "Don't do it. What if it gets ruined? It's your special day! Don't take the risk." I told them, "I'm a fashion designer, and a bad dress can't ruin a wedding. How could something so material ruin something so abstract?" I asked. I got no answer. Well, I never designed or sewed a dress for others. Not yet. (Not counting the ones meant as gifts). But in that month of my wedding, I was a fashion designer and makeup artist. 

Yes, I did my own makeup that evening. 

My regular week passes with books, laptops, coffee; watching sunrise-and-sunset, doing dummy moves with no dummy, learning Bharatanatyam Mudras from charts, and practicing music in a piano I found in the dumpster. Don't forget my husband, who reminds me to eat and sleep. 

I was a student of Architecture, for a while, until I left, for God's Architecture interested me more than men's. But that place around a bunch of creative people inspired my devotion to anything creative. 

Now here, it's only one bio. I wonder if I'll be in trouble when my clients see this page. What do I say when you ask me who I am?

Here, no doubt, I am the indirect creator of KUSHA, considering my Creator designed my path and shaped my thoughts in a way so I'd write it one day. Sometimes, I wonder if I own the credit for Kusha or God does. There's a reason, the first verse in the divine book I believe in says: 'All praises are for The One, the creator of all the universes.'

Sometimes, I'm scared to post about the things I do, for the praise should go to The One. But being an author, I need to post them. 

So, here, on my bio, I'm just a wanderer who loves to create because The One loves to create. 

I'm a fan of His arts and music. 

If you like my works, I'm blessed to have your attention. Thanks! 


  1. Your tenacity to mix and match spirituality borders on that of a voodoo curse specialist. The divine book you referenced forbids practice of music; that book also speaks against iconography and worship of icons. Your brand of writing is equivalent to that of fusion foods but instead of mixing delicious delicacies; you mix spirituality of different origin which are often strictly against each other and in doing so, you have breed something new and grotesque which no one sane will ever find relatable.


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