Here you will find the questions frequently asked to Misba in her social inbox, email, and other places ...

# When your books will be coming? 

Ans: Since I'll be publishing KUSHA in English, for some general publishing rules, I'll have to ready, at least, three books ready before the launch. Apologies for the wait. 

# Is it necessary to have three books ready for traditional publishing? [Questions from Authors]

Ans: No. Things differ based on what you're writing, the agents, the publishers. Besides, I wasn't talking about traditional publishing in the first place in the previous question.

# Then why are you readying three books first? 

Ans: Just to follow the strategy at hand. 

#Why aren't you writing it in Bengali? [Ok, my readers from Bangladesh keep asking me this frequently]

Ans: It's really not a question that I should answer in English. But it happened around August 2018, when teens in my country were protesting for safe-roads. That's when I stopped my almost-finished book-2 of KUSHA in Bengali and did a total re-write in English from square-1.

#Can you tell me more about freelancing/ art/ publishing/ writing? 

Ans: If you need immediate suggestions in things you see me do, I'd refer you to Google them. That's where I found everything, after all. But in time, I'll keep writing about creative writing or arts or publishing here in my blog.

#Which books do you suggest for creative writing and its craft and structure?

Ans: Well, I think all beginners can start with SAVE THE CAT. And then, for me, Donald Maass's books worked. You might also want to read ELEMENTS OF STYLE; Stephen King in his ON WRITING says "Just read the ELEMENTS OF STYLE for writing. Every other book about writing is trash..." Well, I wouldn't dare say other books are trash. But if you read that book, you'll know what King is talking about. 

#What do you suggest to the authors for writing?

Ans: Read a few writing books--not before starting to write, not after finishing the novel, rather 'while' you're writing. Make more than 30 critiques-partners read your 'self-edited' Manuscript, 'one-by-one,' 'chapter-by-chapter.' Don't send all of it to all 20 in a single night. Critique-Edit-Rewrite-Read. And read the first-20-pages of, at least, 100 award-winner-books of your genre. I can swear, this is the only strategy I followed.