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 THE HIGH AUCTION: Wisdom Revolution 
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ISBN: 978-9843506597 (Paperback)
No of paperback pages: 180
In the near future, a machinist, a monk, and a mesmerizer are looking for the Source of the universe, but among the ancient scriptures, they only find the devil …
Few humans in the future find the secrets of what words and sounds can do, for the Apocalypse and war led them to evolve in mind and physique. Two of them end World War III with just a speech. Some say they did a mass hypnosis. Others say it was their voice and willFifty years later in South Asia, KUSHA, a twenty-three-year-old machine-geek with social awkwardness and amnesia, tries to get the Devil’s Book with secrets of voice.

THE OLDEST DANCE: Wisdom Revolution 2
The Oldest Dance Cover, The Oldest Dance Book cover, Misba Books, Misba Book Covers, Misba, Author Misba,
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ISBN: 978-9843508232 (Paperback)
No of paperback pages: 268
As a war hero searches the oldest language in an ancient art of dance, he might discover the Intuitionist's power of reaching any answers.
Missing memories might pile up if you encounter the Mesmerizer—the one who stopped World War III with a four-minute speech, especially if he asks you to forget. Even if it’s the one and only purpose you have, you will forget it, for he has the voice.
Kusha forgot what she found on the night of the High Auction.
But the laws of the universe are painfully fair sometimes. Purpose always calls you, either through your dreams, or daydreams, even nightmares … perhaps, through intuition? So the Intuitionist, Kusha, runs through the questions the universe asks her. Each question leads her to her purpose. 


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