What is conspiracy?

"PEOPLE FORGET. IN TIME, PEOPLE HEAL." Knowing it is philosophy. But applying it to actively hurt someone, and then coming back three months later to say 'sorry' only to profit from that person, and then strategically doing it over and over not just with one person but with 100! Or worse: 1000s!! Each time, maintaining a schedule, making it an industrialized mind-controlled labor production—now that’s a conspiracy. And it all depends on one simple law—‘people forget’. Why hurt them you ask? Hurt people make the most innovative products. Your brown and black and yellow countries may not give importance to the study of psychology, but the white countries right now are standing solely on the application of it. Yes. Psychology and mind control are the next war weapons.
An individual person is buying papers and ISBNs to publish his/her books. They are not coming to the publishers. Now the rich publishers and built presses join together--getting to fundraisings and donating to each other to remain in a ‘cult’ relationship--so that they all can raise the prices of the papers and ISBNs, harming the individuals, but when they buy from themselves, they buy it with secret low prices that only 'they' can see. This way, the indie authors will pay 120+ dollars to buy an ISBN and three to six times for papers, but publishers will buy ISBNs at 3$ per unit. Now, that’s called conspiracy. And it all depends on one simple law, “MAKE A PROFIT FROM THE SHEEP, AND MAKE THE PROFIT TOGETHER."
People get news from social media and online newspapers. Now, you can make different versions of the news, terming different groups as heroes and villains. And then you send different stuff to different groups of people. Republicans will read positive headlines about Trump on their feed, while Democrats will find trolling headlines about Trump on theirs. This way, the media can keep both groups of people on their subscription lists. This is a conspiracy, and it all depends on one single law:


Media can tell you there is a fire in the state nearby. You’ll believe it. The media can tell you there is a war going on in the country, and you’ll believe it. Media can tell there is a dinosaur in Costco today, you’ll believe it. And all of them are the conspiracy. It survives on one single law:



A cult wants you to be a part of them. But you don’t wanna, cuz you believe in no fuckery about worshipping the devil. You would rather wait for Jesus to come back and finish off the blind liar. So the cult sees what you buy every time you go to the grocery and on which days you buy them. The prices of that stuff go up specifically for those days. At your level, it’s a prison, but at the level of thousands of people facing it together, it's a conspiracy. And it all depends on one simple law, “PEOPLE LOVE TO REMAIN STUCK WHERE THEY ALREADY ARE." They own too much; they buy too much. And they have too large backpacks. They just don't wanna move their asses because they've invested too much in their 'HOMEY HOOOOOME'. (My lips got twisted when I said Home, btw). So yes, they can be caged with their access to food and water and energy sources in the place they don wanna move from.
Giving increases wealth, and that’s a law in the universe. Even Allah says Jakat is compulsory. Now, believing it is a philosophy, a religion. But if you think mathematically, then giving is a drop in the curve. Only gaining without giving makes the curve reach a peak until one day, it faces a sharp fall. Now, understanding the math of giving and then faking the ‘giving’ only to your own cult or friends or relatives who are again compelled to ‘give’ it back to you during parties, fundraising, Christmases, etc., or worse: intentionally burning the wealth on the fire to fake the law of giving back to the universe, is a conspiracy. Because it creates a fake sense of profit for the sheep during Black Fridays. The prices we see the whole year at shops are excessive. While the prices we see on Black Friday are real. You direct the sheep along your designed path, which leads to increased sales. It makes people buy and have stuff more than they need. It causes product pollution. It stirs greed just way too much. So yes, even following 'the law of giving' and using this Cheat Code of the universe for evil has turned into a conspiracy. While the show-off Muslims won’t believe in zakat or giving to the poor, the devil worshippers do believe in it. And they do ‘drop’ or ‘give’ things back to the universe, but they do it in the name of the devil, and they make sure good people play the game too, by buying their products every day. That’s a powerful conspiracy because it's their primary source of funding.
Speaking of drops--
Every element must have some drops. No matter if it’s food or wealth, no matter if it’s among the countries, no matter if it’s nature or climate, even blood and human lives. While some places have the sun, others must have rain, and that’s the math of the universe. That’s the code. Now trying to control it yourself by intentionally mass slaughtering people before nature does it, intentionally selecting a state or a region of the earth for cyclones/hurricanes (think Florida), intentionally mass-shooting children at schools, intentionally causing deaths by a stampede, intentionally selecting some places for earthquakes/wars/rains/ storms, intentionally planning your own loss in your own company or having mass lay-offs in every 10-12 years, intentionally having a crisis in share market and inflation every decade—these all are conspiracies. (Yeah, rain and storm during your winter Book Fair is a part of the conspiracy, too). Stupid people think conspiracy means studying Pyrimid’s plan and sectional diagram. Stupid sheep quarrel about how many inches a pyramid is in length. Stupid sheep don't wanna listen, that Pyramid just symbolizes the time when these conspirators began their cultism.


That the ones who don't want to see and just want to work and work and work for the 'masters' will always remain at the base of the pyramid. While the ones who can make the slaves work will always rise to the top of it. The sheep don't want to hear the truth; they think 'not seeing or hearing' will keep them safe inside their blankets. They think staying blind will somehow 'delay' it or make it gone. They think not knowing about it will NOT make them a part of it. But the truth is, they already are a part of it. They already are serving the system and its masters. They already are holding the top steps of the pyramid staying at the base of it. Each of these blind donkeys, in the end, is the one-eyed-lair's most powerful weapon. Each slave in the whole world is a treasured ride of the ones at the top. They are the ones making it possible for them, yet they don't wanna listen.

Let's come to the most dangerous bit of the conspiracy. The books, films, media, news, and influencers. And above all, authors and creators of thoughts and words. Have you not seen how every year some famous authors--who influenced our minds so well during our childhood that they kind of shaped our personalities our thinking--get thrown into social-media fires? Have you not seen, how the ones who are supposed to build the minds of the society get attacked in every country, in every part of the world. The ones who are supposed to show it to you. The ones who speak better than your mindless influencers. The ones who are supposed to devise a country's progress. Every year in a specific month it happens to them in the whole world. That's their month of attacking the intellectuals. So, the next time you try to share a troll post about an artist or a famous writer or an intellectual of a country who doesn't 'belong' to a side or a cult, be careful! Allah said in Quran:

"Fear Me, and not the Devil ... Satan's plot is weak."  

Think before you become an obstacle in their paths, especially if you are a family. Do not have them fight you too when they have enough to fight against. If you don't believe them, be like Hamzah (R)--the last prophet's uncle--who supported him, fought for him, even though he was non-believer till his death.

Another example of the math of the universe: You can’t tell what one person will do, but you can tell what a million will, and that’s the law of large numbers—it’s always predictable. So, the ones who have the data on the number of car accidents per year will know there are always a fixed number of accidents every year. So they can calculate how much insurance fees per person will help them cover those while making a huge profit. So much profit that they will even be able to join powerful cults and donate money to both wings of politics that no matter who comes, they will make sure health and car insurance remains as compulsory payment. Speaking of health insurance, yeah, the number of sick persons including exactly how many will get sick with cancer and how many with diabetes, and how many will come with broken bone injuries—all are predictable. All you’d need is access to the big data. This too is a conspiracy and it depends on another simple law:
You tell them to pay a small fee while you show them the fear of a ‘drop’ the universe might make them face, and they’ll start giving you money because the sheep just don’ wanna face the drop; the sheep would rather pray the drop gets delayed, or worse, happens to another.
Now, my dear sheep, do you see the pattern in the above-mentioned examples? Yes, the pattern is that they can weaponize the simplest laws of nature that you and I ignore on a daily basis. They are simply giving importance to the field of research that you Browns and people of color are too proud to study. You brown servants are proud engineers destined to be the building laborers for your white masters. Meanwhile, your white mewsters taught you that “Psychology and Mob psychology are the topics for the failure back-benchers’”.  While they tell you to be the builders for them, they are the ones learning how to say it to you the better way so that you will do it. This is Conspiracy.
So I have explained it enough, and maybe you've seen it now. But the problem is you'll forget it after tonight's sleep. That's another law in the universe: PEOPLE JUST FORGET what they think or decide only once. Allah sharpens what you have decided only if He wants to--by making you face it around you again and again. Not everyone is lucky who gets their resolve strengthened over time.