The Song Of Achilles Review


To be honest, it's the first LGBT novel I've ever read (when I read it, I mean). 
It's also the first time, I met a hero character from another character's pov. Now, that was something. Why?

First, making the readers root for the hero 'Achilles' while the story is happening in someone else's head (think Great Gatsby), to be honest, I think it's really hard to achieve--making readers root for both the characters: narrator Patroclus and hero Achilles. And that alone gets claps from me. The author made me root. For both. 

Here, I rooted for Achilles who stayed distant but still felt close because of the first person pov of his lover. And I rooted for the protagonist, Patroclus. 

And here is the reason: it's all author's tricks and skills and magic--that most people call narrative voice. The author's voice, the first-person-pov of Patroclus was engaging enough, I rooted for him straight from the first page. I read through the first 100 pages within a day or two. I remember, that time, after reading The Name Of The Wind, I soon entered the readers' block. But guess what, this book gave me a pleasing ride again to this reading world. For which I'm grateful. 


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