The Fifth Season Review

Here, some people feel the earth enough to shake it, move it, and call calamities. Of course, normal people as you and I wouldn't want those lot to be roaming free, would we? So, we kept them chained, made sure they cannot be angry no matter what, sometimes, we even told them who to get a child with. If they do whatever we tell them to, we give them rings. If they are loyal enough, if they master the art of controlling the earth, they can even be Ten-Ringers. But even then they must bear as many children as we want, with whoever we want. They are people with gifts, but so what? Gifted people don't rule. Normal people do.
That's the premise of The Fifth Season.
It took some time to understand and get along with the world in this book. Often, the world felt depressing, a world that I would certainly not day-dream to live in. However, straight from page one, I got to see the strong author-voice. The narration style kept pulling me to read even the tiny moments.
And the theme that the author explores made it shine.
I saw reviews in Goodreads saying, it was hard to get into at first. I wouldn't deny it. The characters and the world came here in a passive, grimdark manner along with the author's snide remarks. It spices up the prose, true, but straight from the beginning and for a long time--moreover, with second-person-pov, it might feel not easy to adjust.


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