The Book Thief Review

I thought you couldn't make a voice-impact with book formatting.
I was wrong.
I love omni-pov. I like it no matter if omniscient voice threatens to come out like in The Handmaid's Tale, or really comes out like in Nevernight, or just remains as an introduced narrator voice--the kind you saw in The Name Of The Wind.

In this book, The Book Thief, you will experience a unique voice. And the voice will speak to you in bold-centered formatting inside those pages.

The pages that you will find flowing whenever you read it aloud. The prose will melt in your mouth for a long, long time. Soon, you will realize the pages are running really fast. You will think you might be around page 30, but no, you'll find yourself on page 50. You will realize the engaging voice has made you connect with the Book Thief.

It matters not what thief's book holds. What matters is the memory the book connects to. That is, her brother's death.
It's a good book.
And the book taught me how writing matters first, and the story later.


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