Reviews: Critique and Editing

If you are tired of hearing jargon like:

# Not flowing well # I'm not understanding anything in your action scene # You are telling; show it # Your prose is descriptive # I'm skimming mostly here...

And if you are wondering what these really mean and how should you handle them, then you might be in the right place. 

Even well-paid critiques and editors say things like these in their 'In-line-comments' while they don't say how to handle those issues, or at least, what those really mean. 

I'll tell you 'why' exactly the prose isn't flowing and how you can make it flow; I'll tell you 'why' it was confusing and 'what you could do' to remove the confusion; I'll show you what will make it 'not-descriptive'. I'll show you the reasons with examples from your prose. 

My editing and critique style is a bit different. In all sorts of services, I tend to do in-line comments. No matter if you want Developmental Edit or Plot Level Critique, I tend to do in-line comments for all If I find it necessary. As for intensive edit/ critique, you will just find more comments 'in-line'. 

I don't do 'Line-Editing' or 'Copy-Editing'. Because I think, it's something the authors should do themselves. I will not kill your voice, I won't lend you my voice either. So, I think, Line-Rewriting is something I won't prefer doing. But I'm open for the rest of the things (Proofing, Critique, Plot/Story Development level Critique etc.)