Once I saw a post on Twitter. A writer was saying, how she must be the one choosing the music herself if her book ever goes to Hollywood. She wants a say on music and sound decisions of her story if it becomes a film. 

Well, it’s not unusual. We can feel we need a say on the music. But why will you keep what you want to say for later? Why not say it now? On The Page?

This is another not-saying-enough on your story and writing-on-the-page article.


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If you have a special theme or a song or a style of art/ culture/dress/music for your story, why not create that feeling in your book with words first? ON THE PAGE? 

Have you read The Name Of The Wind? I think I hear lutes. And I heard them in a book. 

I don’t think the directors, if the Name Of The Wind finally becomes a film, will ever dare to make Kvothe play flute or violin or harp instead of a lute. And if they make a mistake portraying the wrong feelings/themes in the songs of that book. I think the fans will eat the director alive.

So if you have a song in mind, say it on your page, in your book, in your story. Don't leave it out to say it 'later' on Twitter. Don't leave it out to say it later to the future director of your story-to-film. Finish saying everything you want to say within the pages of the book. Portray it with emotions that your future producer or director will never dare to change that song or its feelings. Make your book so impactful that if it has eastern-folklore your director will think thousands of times before making it a western orchestra. Or vise-versa.

The same goes for culture, setting, clothes, hair color, eye color etc. If you portray anything special about these well enough, that even readers will fight for your MCs and the songs and poetry and culture it has, and then no one will dare to change them. 

For example: think about L’s eye bags, or Luffy’s straw hat with red ribbon, or Naruto eating ramen, or Joker with red-smile-paint and green vest. If Directors ever dares to change them, fans will burn them even in hell. I can guarantee. 

So, stop explaining your story in footnotes or prologues or in my inbox, please. Say them on the page. Stop begging your agent/ editor/ director about music. If you can do it right, they'll keep you on their crown for making them hear music through your book. 

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